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Tony Abbott - Owner
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Tony Abbott has over 25 years’ experience in the hospitality, retail, restaurant and bar industry. Native to Los Angeles and the South Bay, Tony grew up in Torrance and Redondo Beach, CA., eventually moving to Palos Verdes with his family.

After participating in school events and even starting his own car club, there seem to be an interest starting in marketing and public relations. Tony’s marketing and promotions career started in night clubs while supporting himself through college. Looking for a way to meet new people in a new town, he started as a bouncer at popular nightclubs. He eventually worked his way up to be the promotions and marketing manager for some of the premier night clubs and bars in South Florida. When returning to the South Bay, he started working for a premier sports bar in Torrance, CA, the National Sports Bar and Grill. While working there, he started curating high media coverage events with professional sports organizations like the Los Angeles Kings (NHL), LA Lakers (NBA), Dodgers (MLB) and Los Angeles Clippers (NBA). With all the success in driving foot traffic to establishments, he was eventually encouraged to go into operations management.

His restaurant management career started with California Pizza Kitchen. After a few years of streamlining the operations of many of their Los Angeles locations such as Brentwood, Beverly Hills, and eventually ending up at their #1 store in Manhattan Beach, CA. There he worked with a team managing over 100 employees, high volume casual dining restaurant averaging sales of over $100K/week.

After leaving the restaurant industry he went back to school and received a B.A. degree in Public Relations and a minor in Marketing from California State University Dominguez Hills, CA with Honors. With his new direction in PR and Marketing, he spoke with a digital marketing friend about his success in ecommerce. Seeking the opportunity and advancement of digital trends and online branding trends, he found a new passion for applying his innovative ideas to the web. Tony has spent the past 15 years learning the newest trends in the online marketing space and sharing his experience and knowledge with his clients. With the synergy of his vast range of his experience and his digital marketing knowledge, he has become the premier partner to team up with for business owners looking to increase their digital footprint in their market.